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    Remembering Rush

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    He was legally deaf for nearly 20 years of his third-of-a-century tenure on the airwaves.` Relying on tech and transcriptions he was able to carry on his program up until about two weeks ago. Even on that February day it was surprising he was here: He’d been told more than a year earlier that he… Read more »

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    And Then There Is Winter

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    Seldom will someone speak of winter with regard and favor. We see it, too often, for its harshest elements rather than its heart… indeed, its warmth…

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    Goodbwye 2017

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    The car was packed, wife and kids buckled in and ready to head home. I stepped back in the house for ‘one last check’ to make sure we hadn’t forgotten any Hot Wheels, earbudes or toothbrushes. As I did, I sneaked in one more goodbye before we hit the road for home. I sat on… Read more »