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    It Is What It Was

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    What we choose to see in our past is perhaps best perceived in our feelings. Sure, the stories have their place, and the wisdom from them has its influence. aBut they way we feel when we go there is special. We need to feel our past. Even if it hurts.

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    Courage in the Rear View Mirror

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    2021 has been an emotional road trip, one that has taken me through many two-lane roads and open highways of feeling and experience. And on a day such as this, in my rearview mirror I shift my focus from what is behind me to what is in the mirror itself.

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    Oh, How Everything Just Goes Away

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    Oh, how everything just goes away. Except this, our lament and its burdensome weight. Where can I set my gaze, that I might see past all that I’ve lost and all that will pass? Where can I look to redeem the meaning of my days and fill them with enduring good?

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    Remembering Rush

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    He was legally deaf for nearly 20 years of his third-of-a-century tenure on the airwaves.` Relying on tech and transcriptions he was able to carry on his program up until about two weeks ago. Even on that February day it was surprising he was here: He’d been told more than a year earlier that he… Read more »

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    Live It Out

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    There’s something you do that keeps others from being hurt. You do it a lot – whether or not you realize it. Stop, and they’ll hurt. Unless you were stopped, it’s on you.Don’t stop. There’s something to look forward to. A hope, a goal, a dream, an adventure, a reward. Despite the doubts and risks… Read more »

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    And Then There Is Winter

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    Seldom will someone speak of winter with regard and favor. We see it, too often, for its harshest elements rather than its heart… indeed, its warmth…

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    Deep in the Middle of a Night made Light

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    Have you ever seen the way the winter snow casts a spell on the night? Not merely the glimmer and sparkle as it plays with traffic signals and Christmas lights, but when what little daylight there was earlier seems like a distant memory. Long after everyone’s snug in their beds and an already quiet day… Read more »

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    Real Life and Divine Certainty in the Chaos of Loss

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    Four years ago this hour, this night, I was spent. Just plain gone. I felt an exhaustion I’d never felt, a weight that was pulling me apart emotionally. My dad was gone. He had died in the early hours of the morning. My head, by now, was on a pillow, my son snoozing at my… Read more »

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    Goodbwye 2017

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    The car was packed, wife and kids buckled in and ready to head home. I stepped back in the house for ‘one last check’ to make sure we hadn’t forgotten any Hot Wheels, earbudes or toothbrushes. As I did, I sneaked in one more goodbye before we hit the road for home. I sat on… Read more »

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    Falling to the Ground Outside

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    Today I came home to news that four baby robins were found in our yard. Two were still alive in a makeshift nest my daughter and son built in a cardboard box. I buried the other two. I can’t tell you how this unexpected situation just brought a flood of emotions over me all evening…. Read more »

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    Superman and the Loss of The American Way

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    NOTE: My thoughts below were written in response (and quite on the fly, actually) to an article stating that in DC Comics, Superman is going to renounce his US citizenship – removing “the American Way” from his stance. Whatever. When I saw the last Superman movie “the American Way” was replaced with “Truth, justice, and… Read more »

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    Now Cometh November

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    Now cometh November’s bitterest winds and rains, Ending autumn’s sweet colors from its first weary dawn, Yet thirty days hence, amid winter’s birth pains, I shall at last bid thee to ‘get off of my lawn.’ Then deep in the darkening days of December, As cold graying skies loom over year’s end, Perhaps with the… Read more »

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    To My Son, Josiah, on His First Birthday

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            Saturday April 18, 2009     Son, It’s a quarter to 10 as I write. Mom is rocking you to sleep and Liddy is getting ready to bed. (Her bedtime ritual, of course, includes spending a few moments in front of the mirror acting out something quite imaginative.) You’re one today…. Read more »

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    I Love My Country, But…

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    “I love my country, but I fear my government.” I don’t know who coined that phrase. I’ve heard it for decades. It reflects a conscious awareness that the government can easily become corrupt and interfere with the God-ordained freedoms of man. I use this as my status today to hopefully bring some perspective to our… Read more »

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    Faking the Death of Jesus

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    Never mind evolutionism, humanism and relativism. If there’s one thing people are slow to accept it’s the idea that Jesus really died and was really resurrected. Some say he just died and that was it. Others say he faked his death and, well, “got better” after going through that little dust-up with Pilate. Paul (you… Read more »