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    Goodbwye 2017

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    The car was packed, wife and kids buckled in and ready to head home. I stepped back in the house for ‘one last check’ to make sure we hadn’t forgotten any Hot Wheels, earbudes or toothbrushes. As I did, I sneaked in one more goodbye before we hit the road for home. I sat on… Read more »

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    My (not so) Amazing Weight Loss Strategy

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    How I did it: 1. Water only. No sodas or sugary drinks. This was hard at first when going out to eat, but (a) we don’t go out as often and (b) when I do, I drink water and live to tell about it. (I did have an occasional semi-sweet tea on weekends.) 2. 20+ minutes… Read more »

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    I Love My Country, But…

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    “I love my country, but I fear my government.” I don’t know who coined that phrase. I’ve heard it for decades. It reflects a conscious awareness that the government can easily become corrupt and interfere with the God-ordained freedoms of man. I use this as my status today to hopefully bring some perspective to our… Read more »